What can the Cockburn 4WD Club do for you?

The Cockburn 4WD Club is a ‘family friendly, 4WD touring’ organisation - a family orientated club catering for family participation.

Although most members are from the Cockburn area, this is not mandatory. Membership of the Cockburn 4WD Club provides many advantages for 4WD owners. Organised trips in the company of people who have similar vehicles and interests. The advantages of travelling with a group of experienced four wheel drivers are many.

The Club has regular events including trips, social functions and training. Guest speakers at our bi-monthly meetings deliver presentations on a wide and varied range of subjects. The Club has knowledgeable and experienced drivers willing to help those new to four wheel driving. We are part of an Australia-wide insurance scheme that provides a wide range of protections when you’re out there four wheel driving.


The Cockburn 4WD Club uses Facebook to alert its members and the general public of upcoming events. Please like and follow the Cockburn 4WD Club's Page on Facebook to keep up to date with future events.




Taking Photographs for Trip Reports

These ‘Rules’ won’t turn you into a professional photographer, however, they will make your pics more useful. With a digital camera it is so easy to just click away. However, a little planning will help save you a lot of time in ‘processing’ your photographs after you return home. And they will be more useful […]

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Wokalup Circuit

The Wokalup Circuit is always a great Day Trip. This outing occurred on Saturday, 15 May 2023. After meeting at Pinjarra we headed south towards Wokalup and then turned east toward the Darling Scarp. Our Road Trip consisted of: Gilbert Karel (Trip Manager) – Toyota Prado Warren Peers – Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Greg Mazengarb – […]

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Great Western Woodlands (North)

Mukinbudin, Elachbutting Rock, Sandplain Track, Mt Jackson Road, Lost Waterhole, Helena and Aurora Range, Bungalbin, Hunt Range Track, Gus Luck Track, Mt Palmer Track, Holleton Track, Old Beverley Road. Our Meeting Place was Mukinbudin. This north-east Wheatbelt town boasts a fantastic caravan park. Well appointed ensuites and one of the best camp kitchens you’ll see […]

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Ledge to Wedge

This Beach Run was the one that would complete the journey from Lancelin to Cervantes. It was not to be. A fourth attempt will need to be made in the future. We went on to the sand at Ledge Point. Though damp, the sand was very soft and deep. Vehicles were struggling from the outset. […]

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Warramurrup Track and Reef Beach

Warramurrup Track provides access to the eastern end of Reef Beach. This 14 km track starts at Borden-Bremer Bay Road about 20 km west of Bremer Bay township. The start of the track is quite open and sandy. Midway it becomes rocky, with a noticeable downward slope. Closer to the beach there is fairly thick […]

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Hunt Track – Gnarlbine to Moorine

Lake Douglas to Gnarlbine Rock We pulled into Ampol Coolgardie to refuel and were presented with a dire situation. The coffee machine was out of order. The Road Trip continued regardless. The Pioneer Cemetery at Coolgardie is always worth a visit. It was used for only two years before the Coolgardie Cemetery was opened. There […]

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Exploring the Eastern Goldfields

Centre of Western Australia to Lake Douglas   The expedition made its way out to Glen-Ayle Carnegie Road, after which time Gary took over as Trip Manager. In masterful fashion he proceeded to get the expedition back on schedule. It was important to reach Laverton this night because we had arranged for the managers of […]

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To the Centre of Western Australia

Shoemaker Crater to Glen-Ayle Station     With the marking of the Crater’s centre completed and duly recorded we headed north to a track that we hoped would take us to Granite Peak Station. A dry creek bed presented a delay in getting the camper trailer through, however, that was the only obstacle before we […]

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To Shoemaker Crater

There are easier places to reach than the exact geographical Centre of Western Australia, however, the desire to be the first to accurately determine this unique and iconic location made it an attractive and compelling destination. To be clear, we were not the first to travel to this vicinity, however, we were the first to […]

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South Coast Beaches

Australia Day 2022 was on a Wednesday. This allowed for an extended break to explore some previously untravelled beaches on the south coast between Cape Riche and Bremer Bay. The Wellstead Bush Camp was an excellent place from which to branch out to the beaches on each of the four days we had available to […]

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Dwellingup Recce

The first item to check out on our recce was the Dwellingup Fencelines Track. Lots of medium level challenges that would be substantially more difficult if wet. Ten kilometres in we reached our turnaround point.  32°45’24″S 115°58’58″E .  No excessively lifted, double diff locked purpose built hill climbers with 37” tyres among our group. No […]

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Hunt for Hunt’s Wells 2021

The Plan A mid week Trip to confirm the location of Koorkoordine Well, find Hunt’s Well Boorabbin Well, find a secondary well/soak at Boorabbin, visit Yerdanie Well, confirm a section of the Hunt Track from the east of Gnarlbine Rock to the west, and find a lost soak on the west side of Gnarlbine. We […]

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Beating Around Boorabbin

The main aim of this Trip was to relocate an historic Bicentennial Plaque, however, there was much to see and do before and after we got to Karalee, scene of our project. To Mindebooka Friday night camp was at Mindebooka Hill, one of our ‘get out of town’ locations. Getting to the campsite on Friday […]

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